Not Just A Wooden Model

There are many reasons why the wooden model is timeless.  From entertainment to education the range of benefits from the past to the present still hold strong. If you think hard you probably had your very own wooden model that held a special place in your heart. Now that you have grown up and the race for new technologies is moving at a staggering rate our children are still in need of value the wooden model provides.

Value To The Children

Unlike most of products that are produced today these are durable and can grow right alongside your child.  Encouraging the use of their imagination while spending quality time with you.  More time of focused interaction where problem solving skills will come into play without any pop ups.  During this time many other skills required to be learned as your child grows are also put into practice.  Fine motor skills from the intricate to the big and awkward or the hand to eye coordination from the visual and physical aspects of these models. Aside from the large amounts of value these provide when it come to growth they can really capture the personality of your child.

Customizable To Fit Personality

What do you like?  With a little imagination and craftsmanship many different item can be created with wood and then you can choose to paint or not either way it will be beautiful.  Whether you decide to sit your model on the shelf to be admired or taken apart and given another go they will be there.  Here at we are constantly looking to create new models that are customized and one of a kind.  So If you are interested in  having one of our custom designs feel free to contact us here

Check out our available models

Wooden Truck

Wooden Trailer

Wooden Bird Feeder

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