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The idea for making family projects began about 2015. Working on trying to keep my kids videogame and electronic device time to a minimum, we realized they really enjoyed building things with wood. We used what I had for scraps and leftovers to cut different shapes. Pieces we could hot glue into our coolest creations. Watching them use of their imaginations and the way they enjoyed themselves was fascinating.
I was hooked on the feeling and wanted to build with them. We built all kinds of stuff, prototypes with nails, we started using wood glue, even rotary sanders to add more fun. My daughter enjoys custom painting the things she builds and my son is into details, like wood burning trim and designs on his.
All of the best ideas come from group work, like a focus group but unpaid. The kids know what they like and have a blast thinking of new things to build with details and just how it should be. 
As a carpenter of 20+ years I have always enjoyed woodworking and have tried building things to sell like picnic tables and flower boxes, mostly big heavy stuff.
Usually I hoard all the scraps from work and old projects. All the short left over wood and stuff going to waste found a new home with me. I could make something out of 100 pieces of wood all the same size.  I could harvest materials from many things. Being all about using stuff up and being efficient, I got pretty good at building nice things out of recycled materials. While using recycled materials is a lot more work and requires more time. The extra effort is our way of doing a small part for the environment.   
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